Commando Revenge Assassin 2017

Commando Revenge Assassin 2017

Commando Revenge Assassin 2017

Knock Solutions
January 30, 2017
Android 2.3 and up
Rated 3.60 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)

Product Description

GET THE REVENGE AS FRONTLINE COMMANDOBe the EXTREME SHOOTING KILLER as after a long time of the attack on the innocent civilians of your country, you have got a chance to enter the enemy base camp as FRONTLINE COMMANDO and get the REVENGE of your PEOPLE. DEADLY SHOOTING MISSIONSDo you think you are crazy enough to make yourself the part of deadly shooting fight? Are you courageous enough to guard your army base? If yes then download this commando game and be the part of this commando shooting & action game. There is lot of commando shooting fight with great deal of risks, but at the same time this is a package of adventure and commando shooting. In this duty of commando, there is lot of killing and shooting of commando against enemies. You are commando soldier, known as one man army, your commando duty is to guard and protect the base. This commando duty is most tough duty ever, but at the same time it is ultimate commando duty. Your commando duty is to not let the enemy attack on your army base, you have sniper gun and other modern guns. Choose your weaponry according to your commando duty, if you want to hunt down the enemy, which is far away then use your sniper gun. And if your enemy is fighting face to face then use your machine gun. If you think of yourself as you are energetic and courageous then this realistic shooting game is great deal of commando adventure for you. In this game there would be no hidden rules, you are just assign a commando duty, which you have to fulfill no matter what. You are given variety of modern weapons so you can accomplish your commando duty. HAVE STRATEGIC MIND? FIGHT THIS COMMANDO WARDo you have strategic mind? Do you have guts to hunt down your enemy with your military commando team? If yes, then hit the download and install this military commando game. You might have heard about terrorism in all over the world, all countries have decided to cope with them. That is why they are combining two deadly dangerous forces together, military force and commando force. You are a military command, so you too are the part of this military commando force. Military commando is additionally trained against these terrorists; military commando is provided with modern sniper guns and other deadly weaponry of all the kind. Terrorists are highly trained and clever as they were once the part of military and commando force, now every move of military commando should be calculated against them to hunt criminals. Later on igi commando became the part of military commando although igi commando have same agenda but It does not work with military commando team. You are igi commando, be courageous, get out of your comfort zone and save the nation from these terrorist. Only a fine strategy prepared by a fine mind can hunt criminals, now you have strategic mind so you can kill them. Accept the igi commando mission and start fighting against them.BE THE PART OF COMBAT FIGHT!! COMMANDO GAMEIf you think of yourself as energetic, young and zealous then why you are wasting your time, be the part of combat commando fight. Combat commando is top fighting force of world, especially trained to cope with terrorist and dangerous enemies. Combat commando is not attacking force, most of the time combat commando force wait and let the enemy begin the fight, but once the fight begins, its combat commandos duty to finish the fight by finishing all the enemies. Another quality of combat commando force is that this force is especially trained for combat fights started by enemies or by terrorists. Features: A great FPS game Small size Game with True Action Stunts Wonderful mountain environment Various types of guns to fight with Amazing smooth control Nice 3D graphics Different levels of Real Fight

5 reviews for Commando Revenge Assassin 2017

  1. anonymous
    5 out of 5

  2. Make Up
    5 out of 5

    Wao so best game i am complete my Level, thaks

  3. vikas aneja
    2 out of 5

    This game doesn’t have good function

  4. Anonymous
    5 out of 5

    Good game but the controls are bad

  5. santosh kumar
    1 out of 5

    Lots of annoying ads

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