Army Convoy Ambush 3D

Army Convoy Ambush 3D

Army Convoy Ambush 3D

Tag Action Games
November 3, 2016
Android 2.3 and up

Product Description

Set up ambushes to enemy forces, destroy them and save your country!Your army set up ambushes to enemy forces in passages of enemy territory. You are equipped with strong bazookas and guns. Enemy forces are on the way of attacking on your army’s headquarters. So you must destroy their continuing attacks in order to defend your headquarters. Be very careful because your enemy is also very strong and they attack with air force support. You must take down the convoy with your assault bazooka guns. As a commando, you need a great courage in the face of the fierce rival. You must destroy the convoy, complete the tasks. Our game is action-packed game for army action game lovers. It has beautiful frames, and is simple to control. The game is totally free. The game kicks off with a realistic scene in which a convoy is ambushed by our troops. There are many army war scenes so you can enjoy realistic war game. Features:- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) scenario- Unbelievably real ambush scene to kick off the game- Realistic enemy forces with helicopters and tanks- Well built storyline- Efficient weapon controls & movement- Excellent environment- Fabulous sound effects- Easy GUI and controls- First person shooting- Real Military ConvoyHow to Play ARMY CONVOY AMBUSH 3D:- Touch & drag anywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon- Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot and start your assault- Use the scope button to aim closer- The shooting weapon has unlimited ammunition but time to respond is crucialFollow us at facebook to be aware of best android games: us at twitter: Action Games 2015

5 reviews for Army Convoy Ambush 3D

  1. anonymous
    5 out of 5

  2. Danielle Jackson
    1 out of 5

    Terrible too slow don’t shoot fast enough

  3. Maryna Fillies
    5 out of 5

    Kool action game

  4. Igbekwu Sylvester
    5 out of 5

    Improve it Co’s I can’t get to level 11 and above.

  5. Anonymous
    5 out of 5

    Very cool and with all my best friend

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